we take for granted all the times our nose isn’t stuffy

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shopping for clothes would be a lot more fun if i had a thinner body and a fatter wallet

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thought I’d try this out

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Room Portraits | Menno Aden

Through challenging camera angles Menno Aden abstracts most familiar actual living environments and public interiors into flattened two-dimensional scale models. A camera that the artist installed on the ceiling of various rooms takes pictures downwards of the interiors. The resulting images lay out space in symmetrical compositions that look like assemblages stripped off any kind of objectivity. The views into private homes and secret retreats bring up associations of the ubiquitous observation camera. The notion of surveillance is systematically played out by the artist to hint at society’s voyeuristic urge that popular culture has made mainstream.

-Miriam Nöske

Jesus looks like he’s doing the Carlton from Fresh Prince

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I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.


that one person you never really talk to but you reblog the shit outta each other